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Kawasaki KZ1300 1979 for sale
A very nice and original KZ1300 A1 first model from 1979 with only 26500 miles on the clock. Original paint and exhaust. Tyres and brakes like new. Runs like new, looks very nice,  and was serviced at 26000 miles by a Z1300 specialist ! On request I can send more pictures. The bike residence in NL and on request I can deliver the bike in Europe. The price is 5950 euro.

Wilco Vonk



I'm looking for someone who owns a Z1300 or can get their hands on a couple of side panels.

There is a company that have started making high quality replica plastics for vintage jap bikes (any plastics actually) he’s made some tailpieces for my Z1’s and he’s making me a belly pan for my RG500 which are like ricking horse s**t!! 

Hes asked me do I know anyone who has some Z1300 side panels as he has a customer in the states crying out for them.  He needs to borrow a couple to make moulds from.  He said they will not be damaged in anyway and as a thank you he will give the donor a couple of spare sets and sell any others to him at cost price, if he wanted to sell them onto other Z1300 owners.

This guy can make any plastic panels exactly as the original and he doesn’t charge through the roof either, so if there are any other parts your members are after, let me know

If you could ask around that would be great?




07930 555633


Hi all I live in south Africa and have a 1984 fuel injected 1300 and would like to obtain a set of original exhaust pipes, complete.


If anybody has anything like this or knows where I can get a set please drop me an email, thanking you in advance,,,


Kind Regards

Mark Spigolon

Cell: 082 304 2704



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Subject: Hello is there anyone can help me I have a z1300 Trike but while in storage the starter and fuel pump was stolen I can't seem to find another would any others work I would reLly appreciate some help with this thankyou
From: Nic Groves



Au cas où vous pourriez être intéressé, sinon peut-être quelqu'un d'autre qui vous serait bien reconnaissant de lui avoir refilé l'information.
Pour passionnée seulement, cette occasion se présente rarement deux fois.
Moto Kawasaki KZ1300 A2 1980, achetée neuve en 1980. Le même propriétaire depuis 31 ans. Elle a toujours été utilisée et entreposée avec soin. En parfait ordre de marche, elle fonctionne comme à l'état neuf en 1980. Peinture et toutes les pièces sont originales, aucune modification,petite bosse sur le réservoir. WOW garantie. Voir photos.
Prix:$12000.00 can
Endroit:Sorel-Tracy, Québec
In case you might be interested, if not maybe someone else who would be grateful to you for having passed on information.
For passionate only, this opportunity rarely presents itself twice.
Kawasaki KZ1300 A2 1980, bought new in 1980. The same owner for 31 years. It has always been used and stored carefully. In perfect running order, it works like new condition in 1980. Paint and all parts are original, no modifications, little dent on the fuel tank. WOW warranty. See picture.
Price:$12000.00 can
Location:Sorel-Tracy, Quebec
Thank you


Hi Dread

I have had a few enquiries from Z 1300 owners for a stainless rad cover. I no longer have their details but this cover is now available. Its a perfect fit and has the Z 1300 logo laser cut across the centre. It costs £ 44.99. Can you let your members know as I'm sure theres a few who want one of these. I would rather e mail you than join the site just to post a blatant ad as I dont think thats fair.
If anyone want one of these they can order online at or call me on 01782 752 390


Best regards

Dear Z1300 / KZ1300 fans,

Since there are very little pistons available for the six-cylinder Z1300,

we developed a NEW oversize PISTON-KIT for all A1-A7 engines.

The kit contains 6 forged PISTONS from J.E. , 6 sets of springs and 6


We can deliver it in 1st oversize 63mm or even 2nd oversize 63,5mm !!!

We are located in Holland, but can ship around the world.

hopefully you find it interesting enough to let your members know.

For more info please contact us at: