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4 Things Every Driver Needs

The process of buying and owning a vehicle is not as easy as it should be. It’s not that the process is difficult, so much as the people you deal with throughout the process are often difficult. However, by doing some research before you start the process, you can make the entire experience much more pleasant. Here are four things you need to make sure you have in order to make it through your vehicle search and purchase with your sanity intact.

Now that you’ve passed the written exam and driving background checks (learn more on it at https://checkr.com/background-check/driver-and-motor-vehicle), you’ve had your vision checked, and you’ve practiced parallel parking, it’s time to start looking for a car. You have a few options: you could buy a used car, lease a new car, or even buy a new car using a car loan.

Regardless of your final decision, you should be aware of the 4 things every driver needs in his or her vehicle:

  • A Car Phone Charger

As you may have noticed, most mobile devices nowadays support the use of their chargers in a car. Not only does it charge your phone, but it also allows you to access your phone while driving. It hooks up to your car’s 12V power outlet, transforming the cigarette lighter into a USB charging port. It also allows you to use your phone in conjunction with your car’s GPS, which can be very helpful for navigation.

There are many options to get power to your phone while you are driving. Here are some of the best car phone chargers to keep you connected while driving. A car phone charger has to be safe and reliable, as the power source is the vehicle’s own electrical system.

  • Paper Maps

You might have heard the buzz around the iPad, and now that it is finally on the market, it is already being hailed as the next revolutionary device that will change the way we live. However, some of the things it is being used for are surprisingly old-school, or at least they used to be. One of the most popular uses is to help people navigate through unfamiliar areas, which is what paper maps used to do.

Cars are not what they used to be. Sure, they still have four wheels, an engine, a steering wheel, and seats, but they are much more. Today’s cars are a mixture of various technologies: engine, transmission, suspension, braking, entertainment, navigation, in-car WiFi, and so on. Yet, some manufacturers still prefer to buy a paper map rather than integrate all these technologies into the car.

  • A Second Pair Of Glasses

If you need glasses, driving without them can be particularly dangerous. That’s why you should always have a spare pair in the glove box in case you forget your normal pair. Glasses might not suit everyone, but with certain key points (for more information, navigate here), you would be able to pick a pair for yourself from an online shop as well, without feeling the need to try them on before. Purchasing extra glasses can be necessary for driving if you have bad eyesight, especially if you’re someone who would rather be safe than sorry. Fortunately, Transportation Vision Centers has identified the top four types of eyewear to fit your lifestyle and face shape. If you’ve had eye problems in the past, the best way to get your vision checked is to go to an optician. You could also go somewhere like SharpeVision to get laser eye surgery, removing the need for glasses in the first place. That’ll be one less thing to remember on your next road trip!

  • A Roadside Emergency Kit

The ideal roadside emergency kit will let you make an emergency call, change a tire, clean up a spill, and get help. The one we like best is the AAA Travel Emergency Kit ($30). It’s compact enough to keep in the car, but with more than 20 key pieces, should you need it. It includes a pouch with a red flashing light, a 150-decibel emergency whistle, a first-aid kit, and other items you need to get you through an unexpected emergency.

While it’s always best to avoid an emergency, it’s not always possible. The following items are designed to help you cope with these unexpected events. For this roadside emergency kit to do its job, it’s important to keep it in your vehicle at all times.