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The Thinking Behind Dirt Bike Customization

To understand the thinking behind why we apply stickers or decals to dirt bikes is to understand why stickers are applied to other things. Just why do we go to the trouble of having custom graphics to please not just our eyes but those of others who notice the stickers we have applied?

History of Stickers

Sir Rowland Hill can be credited with the invention of the modern sticker because in 1839 he invented adhesive paper that would then go on to be used to create the first postage stamp. However, historians believe that stickers date back even earlier than this because they have discovered the remains of paper plastered to the walls of ancient markets that were used to display the prices of goods for sale.

It was in the 1940s and 50s that companies would use stickers for their products and advertising. Stickers would also then start to become popular with everyday users.

Collecting football stickers later became a popular hobby in playgrounds as the different stickers were swapped to complete albums. Stickers would also be applied to schoolbags and pencil cases. So, from early childhood, the use of stickers would become familiar. So, it is no wonder that we want to adorn our dirt bikes in later life with them too. We are merely progressing from the small stickers to the larger decals that display messages and identities.

To Have An Identity

In the case of dirt bikes, you can highlight your bike’s brand for all to see when you are riding. The manufacturer supplying the bikes has not always done this so that you are free to further enhance in keeping with your style. They know that decals exist to give you that choice. Dirt bikes are, however, manufactured to look as good as they perform. It is what attracts us to buy them in the first place. But we can now do that with the mind that we can enhance them further and do not have to stick with the design that we are given. After all, it is not a design created with our taste in mind and so likely needs customizing to please us entirely.

To become individuals, we need to do something different from everybody else, and stickers achieve this because they are applied as an accessory to a dirt bike. They are a chance for us to look different from others riding dirt bikes because not everyone will find the same supplier, choose the same sticker, or apply it to the same positions. Getting custom portrait stickers, whether of pictures your family, pets, or maybe of a bike trip you took with your friends, is a great way to give your dirt bike and identity with some rich history.


There is also certain psychology behind the use of dirt bike stickers or decals. They make us feel good by reminding us just how good our bike is. This helps us to perform better by having that confidence with our machine.

Also, we can create almost a fear from other riders that we are going to perform better than them because of our dirt bike. This can create a situation that will give us a competitive edge. Psychology can play just as much a part in sport as prowess and talent.

In conclusion, we apply stickers to dirt bikes through having a love for stickers that has been gained over time. We find that they allow us to apply our identity, our brand, to what we are involved in. They can be a temporary or more permanent way of making ourselves look different from others and underscore what we are about.

Decals are something that will please us as much as they please others. Those others might well be our sponsors and those that allow us to compete financially in dirt bike competitions domestically or globally. These graphics are as much about displaying decorative designs in keeping with the brand of a bike as displaying messages about bike and rider and those who support them.